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Seattle Proposal K. Alan Smith Jeweler Elongated Radiant Cut Diamond

Radiant Joy! This elongated radiant cut diamond practically jumped out of the diamond paper when I first saw it. Rarely have I seen a radiant cut in this beautiful elongated shape combined with such… READ MORE >>

Eupopean Cut Engagement Ring European Cut Diamond Custom Design

upcycling Verb reuse (objects or material) in such a way as to create a product of higher quality or value than the original.   I have heard this word more and more as of… READ MORE >>

Bezel Set Diamond Ring Bezel Diamond Ring

Lucky… That’s what we call this client and friend. Born on St. Patrick’s Day, it seems she is often in the right place at the right time, winning many raffles and contests–including a beautiful… READ MORE >>

3 Carat Marquise Diamond Fancy That! The Marquise Diamond

Suit your Fancy! Diamonds, being diamonds, are beautiful, brilliant, and reflective. One could say, reflective of a person’s personality.  So, what better way to express that personality than through a diamond fashioned into what… READ MORE >>

K. Alan Smith Lab Grown Diamond Blog Lab-Grown Diamonds

They’re not fake! Let me be frank. Many years ago, when I first started hearing about laboratory-grown diamonds in the jewelry marketplace, I was skeptical. Diamonds grown in a factory? Nah, never. However, with… READ MORE >>

K. Alan Smith, Jeweler now in Kirkland, WA. NOW LOCATED IN KIRKLAND!

I’ve been called a lot of things… An upstairs jeweler, private jeweler, independent jeweler, even “the miracle man.” In 2004 when I opened K. Alan Smith Jeweler, some said to me, “How on earth… READ MORE >>

A Chilly Proposal A Winter Wonderland Proposal

Typically, when a young man walks into my salon seeking to purchase an engagement ring, he is a bit nervous, a little overwhelmed, and always filled with excitement to begin this new chapter in… READ MORE >>

Cushion Cut Diamond Engagement Ring Cushion Cut Perfection

Thanks to Dear Friends! All referrals are very important to me, but the referral of a soon-to-be son-in-law carries some heavy clout. Creating an engagement ring is always a very important task and can… READ MORE >>

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