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Elongated Radiant Cut Diamond

August 13, 2021 | Custom Design

Radiant Joy!

This elongated radiant cut diamond practically jumped out of the diamond paper when I first saw it. Rarely have I seen a radiant cut in this beautiful elongated shape combined with such brilliance and excellent symmetry.

Disco discovery…

The radiant cut diamond is a relative newcomer to the world of fancy cut diamonds, as it was invented in 1977…the same year the movie Saturday Night Fever was released and some of us (eh-um) were dancing to the Bee Gees. Cut with more facets than the classic emerald cut, it can showSeattle Wedding Proposal K. Alan Smith Jeweler far more brilliance. Dare I say this stone “dances” with light? Take a look for yourself! Unlike the similar princess-cut diamond, the corners of a radiant cut are beveled, much like the classic emerald cut diamond, which gives the stone a softer appearance.

Black-tie optional…

As with many fancy cut diamonds, if not cut properly, the center of the stone may have pronounced darkening that appears unlively.  This is known as the “bow-tie effect” in the diamond industry (as described in my earlier post on the Marquise shaped diamond). No bow-tie here! This stone shows off its excellent symmetry and proportions oh so beautifully!

Radiant Cut Diamond K. Alan Smith Jeweler

Love how that gorgeous elongated shape looks on her finger!

I have had the pleasure of knowing Ben’s soon-to-be fiancé, Nancy, for some time now and was thrilled he came to me for her engagement ring. Rarely have I seen her without a smile on her face and a twinkle in her eye. Ben made a great stone choice as this diamond fits her personality perfectly.

Congrats to the two of you on your engagement, and keep sparkling!





Radiant Cut Diamond Solitaire

We custom built the platinum head with an under bezel for structural support and integrated it with a substantial 18 karat yellow gold shank.



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