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Emerald Cut Diamond Pendant

August 4, 2023 | Uncategorized

Treat Yourself!

Choosing or crafting jewelry for oneself is an act of personal empowerment and self-expression. It reminds us of our unique journey, values, and style. Whether selecting a piece that resonates with our personality or collaborating to bring a custom vision to life, this process becomes an intimate celebration of who we are. Jewelry becomes more than adornments; they encapsulate moments, emotions, and aspirations. Each gemstone, metal, and design element tells a story that reflects our individuality. Designing or purchasing jewelry for ourselves is a beautiful acknowledgment that we deserve to cherish and adorn our own lives with the same care and consideration we extend to others. It’s an investment not just in the piece itself but in our own sense of worth and the significance of our journey.

Upon receiving a monetary gift, this client did just that. Having previously worked with both her and her mother, I was thrilled to see her on my appointment calendar again. Together, we enjoyed creating this exquisite emerald-cut diamond pendant, which embraces modern simplicity and exudes elegance.  An emerald-cut diamond is such a classic, clean shape and an excellent fit for this client’s style. Pairing it with a platinum head and tube-style bale, then suspending it from a contrasting yellow gold chain allowed the pendant to shine with every movement. So elegant!

This creation is all about the exceptional young lady herself – she knew exactly what she wanted, and together, we brought her extraordinary vision to life!

How about making an appointment for a little self-care?


Emerald Cut Diamond Pendant with Tube-Style Bale

Suspending the diamond with a tube-style bale ensures the stone moves with ease on the yellow gold chain.







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K. Alan Smith