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Colored Gemstone Chat

May 31, 2019 | Uncategorized

Recently acquired worldly beauties!


Through my experience in the industry, I have cultivated relationships with the finest gem dealers in the world. I recently sat down with one of my favorite German fine colored gemstone dealers and am so excited to be able to share with you the rare and unusual colored gemstones from our visit together.


Straight from cutting center of Idar-Oberstein

The town of Idar Oberstein

The town of Idar Oberstein

These gems are cut to perfection in Idar-Oberstein, a small town in Germany long known for its rich history of gem-cutting techniques.

Gem Cutting Idar-Oberstein circa. 1776

Gem Cutting circa. 1776

The town’s combination of low-cost labor, free water power from the river Nahe, and it’s source of Jasper and Agate made the gemstone-working industry flourish in the 17th century. This engraving from a 1776 book by Colosimo Collini, shows a water mill cross-section in Oberstein along the Nahe River. The river current rotates the water wheel, which turns a geared axis. The gears turn the large sandstone wheels used to grind and form agate. The bottom engraving illustrates in detail the arduous cutting process practiced by the German agate cutters, who used their bodies and the wheel to work the object. (Courtesy of the Richard T. Liddicoat Library and Information Center and Gem Virtuosos.)

Through the years the gem cutters in this region have perfected the art of gem cutting using the latest technology and knowledge that is handed down from generation to generation.

Now, rough stones are imported from all over the world to be fashioned and cut into works of carved art and fine gemstones by the fine artisans that reside here. 

 I am excited to bring you this collection of fine colored gemstones that emphasize the beauty of these techniques. Just imagine what we could create with one, two or all of these little finds!

These unusual gems are ready for you and me to collaborate on a one-of-a-kind custom design.

Look at these matched pair of pears!

Fine Colored Gemstones

2=4.72 carats measuring 10mm x 7mm $4400

Some like to call this color generation GRAPE GARNET!

The material from Mozambique is of very fine crystal structure, which is evidenced in their remarkable brilliance!  I am thinking grape colored earrings, how about you?


Who knew Sapphires occur in these two fabulous colors?!

Fascinating colors, and because they are Sapphire (corundum) which is a very hard gem substance, they can be cut and polished to a very high luster.

Fine Colored Gemstones

Cushion Sapphire: 6mm 1.88 carats $2850
Round Sapphire: 6.7mm $4500

The cushion-shaped yellow-brownish green gemstone would be beautiful in either a ring (ladies or gents) or a pendant.

The round shaped Sapphire needs to be seen in person to really appreciate the fantastic brilliance it projects. This color is scarce. My best attempt at describing it would be kind of a raspberry meets salmonberry red, with an intense saturation of that color. I love this Sapphire and am itching to create something astonishing with it.


And yes! Another GREAT garnet from Mozambique!

Fine Colored Gemstones

10mm Round Garnet
4.72 carats $4400 (Sold)

This important size gem is of amazing purple color, and the longer you view the stone, the more the purple presents itself.

This strong saturation of color is very unusual in garnet, especially in this size and shape.

I envision creating a classic, with a hint of contemporary, bezel pendant that will be supported by an interesting link chain. Ooo-la-la!

Fine Colored Gemstones

L-R Natural Sapphire, Matched Pear Shaped Garnets, Sapphire, Garnet

Schedule an appointment today and see these beauties for yourself! 

~Kim Smith



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