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Buying a diamond certainly should be conducted in the proper environment, with excellent lighting and the best gemological equipment to appropriately examine and compare your options.

NOT over a computer screen.

The reality of diamond analysis is that two stones of the same grade on ‘paper’ can demonstrate much different refraction of light capabilities and have different personalities. I strongly feel, that a person should take the time to personally view stones to appreciate those differences, as they will eventually translate to pricing considerations.

After an initial consultation with me, you are presented a focused selection of diamonds to view with consideration given to the size, shape, and quality range of acceptance. I am fortunate to deal with the finest diamond suppliers from around the world; from Africa to Israel to Russia to our neighbors up north in Canada.
All of the diamonds I offer are Conflict-Free and that is critically important to me as well.

Many assume that buying diamonds, sight-unseen online, provides a dramatic savings in expenditure. Quite frankly, that does not have to be the case. I pride myself on offering beautiful, fine quality diamonds at near internet pricing, with proper gemological certification from the Gemological Institute of America ( or the American Gem Society (

K. Alan Smith, Gem & Jewelry Salon provides an oasis of calm to aid in making that important decision. No honking horns, sirens or sales pitches to overhear. Just you, me and the scintillating gems of nature having a chat.

I specialize in the search and procurement of fine quality, rare gems. I travel extensively to make my gem buys, calling upon the expertise and connection of my long-standing relationships with gem dealers for around the globe. No single dealer offers all gem substances so it is vitally important to possess broad reach and to know who you are doing business with as there are so many treatments to gems in this day and age.

My 40 plus years of contact and expertise puts me in the proper arenas, sometimes even directly to the mine source as I am constantly looking for the Best of the Best in gems, and as tedious as that search may be, it is well worth it. My clients expect and deserve that from K. Alan Smith.

Whether you are seeking a certified natural, unheated Sapphire from Sri Lanka, a Paraiba Tourmaline from South America, or an incredible Opal from down-under, I hope you allow me the opportunity to shop for you.

I maintain an extensive array of stones in my salon to give one a hint of what we find. Maybe, even the color and gem material you have always dreamed of.