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Engagement Ring Redesign

July 10, 2020 | Uncategorized
Turn unwanted jewelry into a new design

Let’s put that unworn jewelry to good use!

In celebration of their 30th anniversary and the upcoming wedding of their daughter, my wife’s friend of 40 years and her husband came to me for her engagement ring redesign. Over the years, they have collected miscellaneous articles of jewelry and some heirloom diamonds, and they wanted to incorporate these unworn items into the new design.

First things first

With a redesign, I first get a good idea of what the clients are looking to change. Our friend wanted something more substantial visually, yet not too “flashy” as that is not her personality. Being a very active individual, she needed the ring to be low profile and constructed in a way that would accommodate her lifestyle.  Whether it be fishing, running marathons, cooking, or being worn to the important upcoming wedding, the ring will need to fit comfortably while making the quiet statement of “Wow!”.

Custom Ring Render K. Alan Smith, Jeweler

CAD Rendering

Me and my Apple

Since our friends now live in Minnesota, the entire design process took place remotely…Minnesota to Seattle, Seattle to Minnesota. Creating via CAD software, I can produce variations of the design and produce renders so the clients can view precisely what the design will look like and offer any opinion or direction. When you work with me, you are involved in every step of the design process, and good things happen because of it!

The bold and the beautiful

We decided on a three-stone design incorporating the client’s diamonds down the ring’s shank, creating a bold and beautiful look. The use of bezels on the upper portion of the ring provides durability and protects the three stones, especially in platinum! (click here and here to see more designs using a bezel setting)The ring’s interior edges are slightly beveled to provide great comfort in wear, even on those cold Minnesota jogs. What a perfect and permanent way to celebrate two big moments!


Due to the current events, we are unable to join them for the wedding, but I am thankful I am able to be a small part of the celebration.

All the best,

3 Stone Engagement Ring K. Alan Smith, Jeweler


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Shannon Larson
Shannon Larson
3 years ago

Wow is right! It’s incredible and I’m so blessed to be wearing this ‘new’ stunner today, for our daughters wedding and for another 30+ years! Thank you Kim and Carolyn for being a part of our story.

K. Alan Smith