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Diamond NW League Champs

January 12, 2019 | Uncategorized

This project is what I like to call “The Good Son”.

I was honored to assist a client in the re-creation of his Dads baseball award ring from 1957. The good ole Wenatchee Chiefs were league champions that year and well, champions deserve rings! Being the baseball nut I am, I couldn’t wait to “play ball” and get started with this.

Now, his dad still had the original ring—-it was just a bit “tired”, so the notion was to make it more current in size by scaling it up a bit, personalize the points of wording on the ring, and add a few diamonds. And we actually re-purposed the gold from his original ring. That is good energy, now isn’t it?

To arrive at the point of final design, the champions son and I communicated via email many, many wonderful times to go over all the fine points of design including the capture of the perfect baseball symbol (with stitches), and to create the perfect lettering font. It was really cool the manner in which we graduated the lettering size on the ring sides. This was my clients brilliant idea.

The ring is amazing.

So is the son.

So fun to play ball.

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