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Being your Private Jeweler during our Covid closure

March 27, 2020 | Uncategorized

First and foremost, I hope you are well and being safe during these troubling times.  

Please take care. 


As we all practice the government’s safety guidelines established in unprecedented fashion, business owners such as me, are finding creative new ways to continue to do business, albeit remotely. Even though I present the notion that jewelry is an “essential” business, as of today, my downtown salon is closed.  This will be the situation until the authorities deem it safe for us to meet again in person. 

I miss you all already! 



 Via online meetings, email, text, and social media, I remain available to assist you and answer questions.  With this new work environment (home office) I am finding more time to create interesting jewelry designs from my super-duper CAD software.  I publish many of my designs on my Blog, Instagram, and Facebook. So, if you are not currently following me, please do so! Even if buying jewelry is the furthest thing from your mind right now, browsing and dreaming may bring some peace and happy thoughts.  If you do find something so intriguing that you want to purchase at this moment, we will gladly transact and ship that selection directly to you. 


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Too, we are utilizing our office “downtime” to do crazy things like serious cleaning, including the clearing out of my big ‘ol safe that is loaded with treasures!  As many of you know, one of the services I offer is helping clients with the relinquishment of jewelry and watches. Through this service, I have acquired a vast inventory of previously owned, estate, and antique jewelry—all at unbelievable prices.

We will also be offering many items that, for some unknown reason, have hung around K. Alan Smith a little too long. Beautiful items.  Beautiful prices. 


All available for purchase on our eBay site, where I am known as Mrkimbo4



Pre-owned Tiffany and Co. eternity ring–Starting eBay offer/bid $1500—similar ring selling new on Tiffany and Co. for $3400


New 18k yellow gold and diamond bracelet- Originally $1500–eBay starting offer/bid $875!


Vintage Diamond Band just $375!

Visit our eBay site often as this will be an ever-changing arena as we dive deeper into that big ol’ safe.  How fun is that? 


Wishing you all health and peace during these times,


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Heidi Pankratz
Heidi Pankratz
4 months ago

I wish that I was in a position to purchase a beautiful piece from your collection! Please know that I pray for your success and for your ability to provide a safe and happy home for your family.

God Speed 🙏

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