Jewelry is personal, so if my approach.

I got my start in the jewelry business in the 1960's, tagging along with my father to his jewelry store in Spokane. I literally learned the business from the bottom up, sweeping the floors and polishing silver. I learned to put people first, and selling jewelry second. I learned to be thoughtful, honest, and to really listen to what people wanted.

And for over 40 years, I've served the greater Seattle area with those values as the foundation for everything I have ever done. Now I am doing it with my name on the door. The perfect environment for discovering something exclusive and defining.

The Early years: 1970 - 1985 Zales Jewelry
Ben Bridge Jeweler
Stockboy to Manager
1985 - 1987 Martin's Fine Jewelry; Owner
1987 - 1995 Phil's Jewelry; Manager
1995 - 2004 Fox's Gem Shop; Manager
2004 K. Alan Smith, Jeweler; Owner

October 7, 1983 Diamond Certificate
Gemological Institute of America
November 14, 1984 Registered Jeweler Certificate
American Gem Society
November 28, 1991 Colored Stones Certificate
Gemological Institute of America
November 2, 1995 Colored Stones & Gem Identification
Gemological Institute of America
October 21, 1996 Gemologist Title
Gemological Institute of America
January 16, 1997 Certified Gemologist Title
American Gem Society
K Allen Smith with jewelry